Mykodermoassay DTM

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Ref: MC 080 Mykodermoassay DTM contains specific nutrients to promote fungas growth and selective antibiotics to inhibit the growth of non-pathogenic bacteria and fingi. A change of colour of the culture medium to red within 2 to 3 days promptly indicates the growth of microsporum trichophyton or epidermophyton. The test facilitates an acurate and quick check in case of suspicion and relaible diagnosis of dermatophyte infections in animals. Dermatomycoses in Cats, doga, rabbits and horses is caused by fungi of the genera micosporum,trichophyton and epidermopyyton. These skin fungi can play an important part in the emergence of zoonoses since humans are receptive to dermatophytes found in animals. Dermatophytes are able to metabolise the keratin at the place of infection. Microscopic examination of hair and cutaneous scales from the periphery of the lesions can help the veterinarian to distinguish dermatophytes from other diseases and thus diagnose dermatomycosis more reliably. Suitable for use in a veterinary laboratory.

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