Immuno-Check-G Kit

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Ref: IGG 10 The Immuno-Check-G Kit is a qualitative test kit for the testing of whole blood samples from newborn foals for IgG levels. Foals are born with little or no circulating immunoglobulins. Therefore, they are without protection against challenge from invasive microorganisms or other antigenic substances. The passive transfer of immunity occurs after birth via ingestion and absorption of colostrum. Up to 20% of newborn foals experience a partial or total failure of passive transfer, and these animals are at high risk of serious illness or death. Failure of this passive transfer can occur as a result of premature lactation, deficient suckling, mal-absorption or low IgG levels in colostrum. An IgG test can identify if a failure of passive transfer has occurred or not. This test detects the levels of IgG in blood, which are indicative of the success or failure of the passive transfer. This test is a qualitative test for IgG levels.

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