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FASTest® Kits We stock a wide range of Megacor FASTest® Kits. The FASTest® test-kits are based on latest rapid immunochromatographic technique. Positive samples contain extracellular antigens or antibodies forming specific antigen-antibody complexes in the conjugate pad area. Migrating (“lateral flow”) along the test membrane, these antigen-antibody complexes are bound to membrane fixed antibodies or recombinant antibodies forming a more or less coloured TEST line. A correct test procedure will be indicated by a second, intense coloured CONTROL line. FASTest® Kits Available: Link to page with more info on these test kits. Canine • Anaplasma • CRP canine • Cypto Strip • Ehrlichia Canis • Giardia Strip • Leptospira IgM • LH • Lyme • Neopspora Caninum • Parvo Strip • Relaxin • Rota Strip • Toxoplasma g Cat • Crypto Strip • Crypto-Giardia Strip • Crypto-Rota D2T • FeLV • FeLV LabSet • FeLV-FIV FIP • FIV • FIV LabSet • Giardia Strip • HW Antigen • LH • Parvo card • Parvo strip • Relaxin • Rota strip • Toxoplasma Horse • Anaplasma • Chlam Ag • Crypto Strip • Crypto-Giadia Strip • Crypto-Rota D2T • Giardia • IgG • Lyme • Rota strip Cattle • BCV Strip • Chlam Ag • Crypto Strip • Crypto Giardia Strip • Crypto-Rota D2T • D4T Bovine • E.coli-K99 Strip • Giardia Strip • IgG Bovine • Neospora caninum • Rota strip

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