DVM Equine IgG Test Analyser

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Ref: DVM The DVM-Stat analyser is a microprocessor-controlled, LED-derived filter photometer suitable for colorimetric testing in the lab or the field. A high intensity light emitting diode (LED) transmits a narrow bandwidth light beam through the reagent-treated sample to a light sensitive photovoltaic cell, assuring high test sensitivity and very long light source and battery life. Reagent chemistries have been selected that provide colour intensity related to the concentration of the substance under test. A pre-calibrated microprocessor converts the light absorbed directly to a numerical percent transmittance value, which is shown on the LCD display. This value is then read against the conversion chart included in each reagent kit. Each machine automatically self-checks its power, circuitry, and lamp readiness at the beginning of each test session. A permanent calibration for each DVM-Stat is stored in memory to save time, work, and expenses. The test procedures are given in step-by-step, easy to follow form, with special instructions for your safety and convenience. No user adjustments are ever needed. The colorimeter operates on four AA-size batteries (supplied) that power the instrument for at least six months. Battery life is extended by an auto-shutoff after fifteen minutes of non-use. If batteries are weakened beyond a pre-set level, the display reads “BATTERIES LOW”. Replace batteries with four fresh AA batteries to avoid inaccurate readings. Calibration will not be lost during the battery change. Do not use “heavy-duty” or rechargeable batteries. Foals are born with little or no circulating immunoglobulins. Therefore, they are without protection against challenge from invasive microorganisms or other antigenic substances. The passive transfer of immunity occurs after birth via ingestion and absorption of colostrum. Up to 20% of newborn foals experience a partial or total failure of passive transfer, and these animals are at high risk of serious illness or death. Failure of this passive transfer can occur as a result of premature lactation, deficient suckling, malabsorption or low IgG levels in colostrum. An IgG test can identify if a failure of passive transfer has occurred or not, and the DVM IgG test is an accurate, quantative test to measure IgG level in a serum sample from a newborn foal.

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