AI training advances to the next level with the life-like training model cow “Henryetta”. This revolutionary concept offers unique training opportunities and provides more flexibility around the timing and location of your AI courses. The number of inseminations performed in life animals during training can be significantly reduced, which improves both cost efficiency and animal welfare.

Henryetta consists of a fibre glass body and silicone internals, which realistically mimic the soft and fleshy texture of the reproductive organs. Heating simulates body temperature and inflation of bowel mimics pneumorectum. Four large windows allow a view of the interior and the approach of the student. Reproductive parts like cervix and uterus can be used separately for an easy training start.

Your benefits

  • Higher quality of training due to observation and correction of trainees’ actions
  • Easy explanation of reproductive anatomy in easily viewable 3D model
  • Gentle approach possible for students hesitant with life animals
  • Demands of ethics committee might be fulfilled easier due to lower number of animals required for training
  • Prevention of injury to life animals as initial experience is gained with Henryetta
  • No need to acquire slaughterhouse materials

 What’s new?

  • Two different  cervix options (easy/open for training start or difficult for advanced training) make the training design with Henryetta even more flexible
  • Much  improved durability of the silicone parts due to a strengthening inlay with supa mesh
  • The reproductive tract can now be ordered in  three separate parts, making replacement of parts easier and cheaper
  • The rear part has been greatly improved and is now  very easy to mount

Our Suppliers

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