Interesting reading in the Veterinary Ireland Journal this month (January 2013, Vol. 3, No. 1), there’s an article called ‘Effective colostrum management to reduce morbidity and mortality in calves’ by Oliver Tilling BVSc BSc MRCVS, where the success of absorbtion of an adequate quantity of immunoglobulin has been shown to reduce ‘the risk for preweaning morbidity and mortality, with additional long-term benefits including reduced mortality in the postweaning period, improved rate of gain and feed efficiency, reduced age at first calving, improved first and second lactation milk production, and reduced tendency of culling in the first lactation (Godden, 2008)’.

By using a colostrum refractometer, the farmer can determine the IgG concentration by measuring colostrum specific gravity and can then decide if colostrum supplementation or replacement is necessary, or they can also identify good quality colostrum which can then be stored.  With the refractometer, a small drop of colostrum is placed on the glass surface and then the scale is read through the eye piece of the refractometer.  Readings of less than 20 are considered poor, readings of 20 to 22 are considered okay, and readings of 22 or more are of a good quality suitable for storage!

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