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Synthetic freezing extender for bull semen
BoviFree is an innovative, entirely egg-free extender: it contains no egg yolk or egg yolk derived components and no liposomes.
Highly effective antioxidants and proprietary sperm membrane protectants as well as a strong buffering system provide unique
protection to spermatozoa during freezing and thawing.
In extensive comparative tests, BoviFree achieved consistently superior post-thaw results in a number of sperm parameters of a
wide variety of bulls.
BoviFree is very easy to prepare, allows for excellent microscopic images and thus is perfectly suited for CASA analysis.

Your benefits
• No ingredients of animal origin
• No risk of microbiological contamination
• Constant, optimal freezing results with all equilibration
• Enhanced post-thaw semen parameters
• Very easy to prepare
• Brilliant microscopic images due to low viscosity and
homogenous particle-free consistence
• Safe product made at Minitube‘s ISO and GMP certified
extender production facility


BoviFree, 200 ml

Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) is a venereal disease caused by the bacteria, Taylorella equigenitalis affecting only the equine species. It can have significant impacts on reproduction.

It is contracted during sexual contact with an infected horse, typically from stallion to mare. It can also be transmitted via contaminated instruments.

Transystem™ 116C – CEM Swab

Transystem™ 114C – CEM Swab

Rotavirus from the family of Reoviridae is found world-wide and acts as the causative agent of severe diarrhoea (gastroenteritis) in almost every mammal species (especially cattle, pig, dog, cat and horse), birds and humans. Rotavirus is considered to be species specific, but can also be transmitted from species to species, then causing a rather asymptomatic course of disease.

The transmission from animal specific Rotavirus to humans is scientifically proven, so that the zoonotic potential cannot be denied.

Especially in cattle population, Rotavirus is widely spread (seroprevalence up to 100%) regardless of the diarrhoea problem. Recent studies in Germany with small animals have shown prevalences in dogs and cats of 7% and 8%, respectively.

Rotavirus is highly contagious and shed in large amounts via feces. Due to the high tenacity, the low infection dose and the short incubation period of 1.5 hours to 2 days, Rotavirus can cause severe diarrhoea (dehydration, loss of weight, acidosis) within a short time, which can induce serious onsets in group husbandry (mortality in calves up to 10%).

The awareness of the potential hazard of other live stocks / animal species as well as humans by dumping infectious agents in surface waters and agricultural used areas (fertilization) increases constantly.

This, as well as the increasing close human-animal contact with pets, is a great diagnostic challenge for the veterinarian. Using FASTest® ROTA Strip on-site allows the veterinarian a rapid and specific detection of Rotavirus. This enables the veterinarian to initiate specific therapy and prevention measures.

Sample material: Feces

Test time/duration: 5 minutes

Storage: Room temperature (15–25°C)

Sensitivity: 97.5 %

Specificity: 99.9 %

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The next generation of canine extenders from Minitube are 100% animal protein free. An additive protects the sperm cells during chilled storage. It also protects the sperm cells from damage caused by temperature variations during shipping, prevents oxidative stress and neutralizes degrading metabolites negative effects. Both, CaniPlus Chill ST (short term) and CaniPlus Chill LT (long term) are benefactors of this technology. All canine extenders have a shelf life of 24 months from date of production when stored at +4°C. Extenders maintain 70% of initial motility during the given period for storage/transport.

CaniPlus Chill LT, long term culture medium for chilled Canine semen, 20 ml

Ref: DG020 Monotayl is an agglutination test for identification of Taylorella equigenitalis. The test consists of monodisperse particles which are coated with specific antibodies against Taylorella equigenitalis. The test has been widely used in Europe and North-America for several years. Available in 50 tests per kit. Suitable for veterinary laboratory use.


Monotayl 50 Kit


  • Unmatched neat and clear printing on 0.5 and 0.25 ml straws
  • Up to 3 lines with a total of about 200 characters, even on MiniStraws
  • Printing of barcode signs, logos and specific characters
  • Immediately non-abrasive print
  • Control via PC by a clear and user-friendly Minitube software
  • Sequential numbers can be printed on straws
  • Adjustable character fonts and graduations from micro to macro
  • Freely eligible number of lines and of printing positions
  • Clean and odourless working without ink and without solvents
  • Easy handling, little maintenance required
  • Easy and quick conversion between different straw size

EasyCoder Automatic Printer for 0.5 and 0.25 ml straws

HeightLight is a World First, a handheld laser height measurement device.

HeightLight has been specifically designed and developed to bring accuracy and dependability to the process of measuring Horses, Ponies and Canines for Passports, Competition and Sale. It furthermore provides a means to verify and validate an existing stated measurement.




Minitube’s highly accurate MiniReader measures the amount
of Progesterone present in canine blood serum using ELISA
(Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay). Specific antibody/
antigen binding produces a concentration-dependent,
photometrically detectable colour change.
Easy to read, reliable results.

The MiniReader is an affordable, accurate and reliable device
to read and provide the results of Minitube’s ELISA test within
35 minutes. It is used with the ELISA test kit.
Application in female dogs:
• Detection of ovulation
• Determination of the ideal time for artificial
insemination or natural breeding
The Progesterone concentration reading is based on a standard
curve derived from three standards and is therefore very
The colour change of the sample is automatically detected by
the MiniReader and converted into ng/ml Progesterone.
MiniReader REF.: 21900/0000
Your benefits
• Small sample is needed (0.02 ml of blood serum)
• Fast and accurate results in just over half an hour for
immediate assessment – any day of the week
• Accurate and consistent readings as absolute
progesterone concentration is shown in ng/ml (not only
relative readings of ‘high’ or ‘low’)
• Small device fits anywhere
• Size of test kit adapted to the needs of veterinarians
• Easy handling and maintenance
Technical features
• Operating voltage : 12 V
• Dimensions: approx. 250 x 65 x 130 mm (width x height
x depth)
• Weight: approx. 1.3 kg
• Ambient temperature: +5°C to +45°C


Balanced medium with dry milk for preservation of sperm activity up to 72 hours. Designed for 5°C storage and transport. Ready-to-use.
100 ml

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EquiPlus liquid, Equine semen extender, 100 ml, contains antibiotic