The Rapid Equine Progesterone Kit

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Ref: TEP-12 Aids the user in determining the mare’s cycle. Progesterone, a natural hormone that circulates in the mare’s blood stream, is produced by the corpus Luteum (CL) and fluctuates during a normal estrous cycle. Blood progesterone levels accurately reflect the different stages of the estrous cycle. The Equine Progesterone Kit is very useful for the following: • The mare’s reproductive cycle is subject to great variability. Measuring the progesterone concentastion permits the most accurate determination of the mare’s cycle and allows planning the most effective reproduction program. • For determining where the mare is in her cycle. In this way you can reduce or eliminate the need for teasing the mare. A progesterone test is the most economical way to determine where the mare is in her reproductive cycle. • For determining whether there is a functional CL and thus, whether to use prostaglandin. • About 72 hours after a prostaglandin injection, in order to determine if the treatment was effective or if a second treatment is needed. • For monitoring the progesterone levels during pregnancy • For monitoring progesterone levels for embryo transfer This test kit is an excellent kit for use in the breeding mare.

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